New St. Gallen Management Model

2018, light box, mixed media, 140 × 200 cm

To organise an exhibition that is titled "Faith" is not entirely unproblematic: In times where religious conflicts appear more frequently and the level of intolerance towards other believes is increasing. Faith - a simple word with many connotations. What do we believe in? In god and the Immaculate Conception? In management-diagrams or the eternal youth? Or that only art and philosophy can support the progress of humanity? The artist's answers are playful and profound.

The forms of the oval light box are clear, the edges sharp. It reminds vaguely of works of Concrete art. The work is titled New St. Gallen Management Model and does not disguise anything. The diagram of this management-model was developed at the university of St. Gallen as a framework for executive leaders in order to: "see one's company as a whole and via this point of view identify problems and solve them." Thusly, a belief-model of the late 20th century that has been applied in countless company re-structurings. Having been rid of its terms originally inscribed onto the various parts, the illuminated object turns into a purely optical and aesthetical projection surface.

Michael Nitsch, August, 2018

Exhibited at

LOKAL14, Zurich, CH (August 30 – September 29, 2018)

Sebastian Utzni
New St. Gallen Management Model

New St. Gallen Management Model, light box, mixed media, 140 × 200 cm

Auftragsabwicklung, 2018, neon tubes, black paint, dimensions variable