2014, inkjet print & oil on canvas or glass

Sebastian Utzni's current series of works - 'Mythos' - explores German artist Gerhard Richter as a contemporary art phenomenon. Over a period of one year, Utzni visited as many of the countless exhibitions showing works by Richter as possible, to compile a ‹groupie archive› consisting of exhibition catalogues, admission tickets, and travel documents. Printed copies of works by Richter in their original format and material, onto which Utzni has painted the corresponding travel documents on a 1:1 scale, are themselves paintings while commenting on painting as a medium.

Extract from press release © Herrmann Germann Contemporary, 2014

Exhibited in Echo Travel Echo Star, Herrmann Germann Contemporary, Zürich, Switzerland.

Sebastian Utzni

Exhibition view, Herrmann Germann Contemporary, Zürich, Switzerland

Mythos (Museum für Neue Kunst, Karlsruhe), 2014, Inkjet print & oil on canvas, 81 × 71 cm

Mythos (Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin), 2014, Inkjet print & oil on canvas, 200 × 200 cm

Mythos (Kunstmuseum, Winterthur), 2014, inkjet print & oil on glass, 50 × 40 cm

Mythos (Kunstmuseum, Wolfsburg), 2014, Inkjet print & oil on canvas, framed, 30 × 24 cm